Botanica Drama

English version $29.95

After rising day after day for billions of years, the Sun — recovering from a bit too much celestial partying the night before — makes a fateful decision to stay in bed. With the Earth plunged into darkness, everyone from Philomène the flower to Death itself face dire consequences, trapped in an everlasting winter and surrounded by mysterious creatures that have emerged from the shadows. Can anything make the Sun shine again?

Awards and mentions

  • Publishers Weekly Spring 2024 Adult Comics & Graphic Novels Preview Selection

  • Nominee – Bédélys Awards 2024 (Québec)

  • Nominee – Bédéis Causa Awards 2024 (Grand prix Québec BD)

  • Nominee – Prix BD jeunesse 2024 awarded by the Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières


  • “Botanica Drama is able to evoke a complete and casual mythos… Thom’s incorporation of both light, Looney Tunes comedy and the horrors of a permanent night means the world never becomes maudlin… Botanica Drama is at core a love story, charmingly told.”

    — Connor Harrison, Montreal Review of Books
  • “Botanica Drama is exactly the kind of whimsical, thoughtful, artistically unique indie comic I would love to pick up at a convention or book fair… This comic is a wonderful meditation on life, death, and friendship. No matter if you choose to read it in French or English, Botanica Drama is worth checking out.”

    — Magdalena Nitchi, ImaginAtlas
  • “This kinetic graphic novel, full of charming character designs and gorgeous cartooning, manages to seamlessly merge a funny, funky, and fresh fantasy adventure with a surprisingly powerful meditation on mortality.”

    — François Vigneault, author of TITAN


Release Date
Apr 08 2024