The Jellyfish, the award-winning graphic novel by Boum, will be released in English this May, translated by the team of Robin Lang and Helge Dascher (Lonely Boys). This stunning, powerful, and deeply-felt book arrives in bookstores on May 7th and in your local comic book shop on May 8th, and is available for pre-order at your favorite bookseller right now!

Pow Pow Press will be celebrating the release of this ground-breaking graphic novel throughout the month of May, including appearances by Boum at TCAF (where she is a Featured Guest!), VanCAF in Vancouver, and the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, along with an official launch event at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly on May 9th… Make sure you subscribe to our new Pow Pow Press Instagram account to stay up to date on all the festivities!

Odette is a twenty-something year old with their own place, a steady job at a local bookstore, an adorable pet rabbit, and a budding crush on one of their customers. But Odette is haunted by something only they can see: a jellyfish that’s floating in their eye, blocking their vision. It’s a seemingly minor annoyance…until the jellyfish starts multiplying.

Showcasing stunning and inventive artwork by Boum (Boumeries), The Jellyfish is a tour-de-force of graphic storytelling, a powerful, occasionally terrifying story of facing the thing that we fear the most and finding a light to guide us through the darkness.

“Not only is The Jellyfish one of the most beautiful graphic novels I’ve ever read, it goes straight for the heart and doesn’t let up. Boum is a master of her craft. Napoleon the bunny for President.”

—Kate Leth, author of Mall Goth

Scroll down to read an excerpt from the book, and don’t forget to preorder The Jellyfish wherever you buy books, online or in the brick and mortar store of your choice! Distributed via Literary Press Group/LitDistCo (bookstores, ISBN 9782925114307) and Lunar Distribution (comic book shops, Lunar Code 0324PW421).